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Year 3 Enjoy a Visit from the Nutty Professor

On Monday 19 November Professor Brad came to talk to Year 3 about power and I would like to share with you what the Professor told with us.

We learnt that power became important when people became fascinated with the way it worked and how power works machines.

We also learnt when you have an electric current travelling around in a circular fashion it is called a circuit.

Professor Brad brought in a tube with wires in it that carried an electric current. He got Riley, Besu, Lily and Isabella to hold hands in a circle, and someone to hold the tube. He pressed something and the tube made a zapping sort of noise, and the group of people standing there felt the electric current through their bodies. He got almost the whole Year 3 (3B and 3F) to hold hands and feel the electric current.

If you aren’t in a circle of God, you can’t feel the electric current (or power of God) so it’s called a circuit for a reason.

As always, we really enjoyed Professor Brad’s presentation and we loved learning about power.

Lila C (3F)  

Congratulations “Apple for the Teacher” Winners!

On Friday 10th November, we received the news that Mr David Smyth had been judged the winner of the 2017 “Apple for the Teacher” competition hosted by NEWFM radio station.

A flurry of activity ensued in which Mr Smyth and 5DS students celebrated the win, which was made possible by a truly outstanding collaboration between parents, students and friends to vote.

The presentation of an Apple Macbook to Mr Smyth and each of his students was made at a special event at Domayne Kotara on Sunday 12th November!

Thank you to all of the supporters who made this amazing win possible!  Click Here for the live stream of the presentation with Mr Smyth and the students.

Year 3F’s ‘Spacetacular’ Planetarium Incursion

In science this term, Year 3 have been study the Earth, Sun and Moon. Gary from the Sydney Planetarium came to our school on Thursday 8th November. He told us some amazing facts about space!

We went into a canvas space dome, we learned about the moon orbiting the earth and the earth orbiting the sun. We also learned about how the earth’s seasons work.

First, we were showed what space looks like. We were showed planets like Earth, the Sun, the Moon, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn’s rings (and Saturn in itself), and Venus.

Question: Do you know how many earth’s can fit into our sun?

Secondly, we were shown a short cartoon about how the Earth’s seasons work. Two siblings named Max and Annie went into space with a intelligent robot named Kevin. They learned about planets and space.

We also learnt about constellations. Stars can make shapes if you do a dot to dot in your mind! If you look carefully you could find the Southern Cross.  Did you know that there are roughly 2 trillion galaxies in space?

We also learned when stars reach the end of their lives, they explode (also, sometimes when stars explode, they can rain gold!). Did you know that the Sun isn’t the biggest star in our universe? Did you know that smaller stars have longer lives than bigger stars?

We enjoyed this incursion lot! I enjoyed everything but it was heaps more fun because we got to go in a big canvas space dome (a mini, canvas planetarium). When we were shown the pictures of space it made me think  “God made all of this, isn’t this amazing, God made all of this,” over and over again. The one word to describe this incursion would be ‘spacetacular’!

Lila and Chelsea 3F

Answer : 1.2 million earths fit into our sun

Year 4 Students Travel to Sydney for a Memorable Colonial History Experience

What! I’m married to a convict! Not happening!  My day is getting worse by the minute.  On our exciting Year 4 excursion we went on a walking tour around Sydney and we had to act like convicts.  We also had a class with lessons afloat.  We arrived at Shark Island and the view was amazing.  We had to name things that started with ‘s’. Shark Island was our favourite part of the day.  We love Sydney! By Layla and Gabby

The scorching sun was burning down on our skin.  The view of the harbor was breathtaking.  We boarded the ship.  Crewman Adam directed us to our seats.  The waves splashed up against our boats as we sailed across the deep, blue sea.  Once in the boat, we soon arrived at Shark Island.  There were amazing sites and lovely flowers.  Shortly after we left Shark Island we got to dress up as convicts, which was our favourite part of the day. By Amelia and Ocea

“I can’t believe it! I’m 10 years old and I have a husband! Ummm, what’s his name again … ahh yes, James Bloodworth.”  Then I started thinking, “Isn’t it against the law to have a husband at the age of 10? Anyway, I’ll just go with the flow.”  I loved to be able to get a sense of how it would have been to be in the First Fleet.  Year 4 got to learn about convict early settlement while doing the Sydney Rocks Walking Tour.  My favourite part was knowing that, if I had been a convict, I would have had 8 kids running around my home. By Zahra

Click Here to see our Facebook Gallery featuring photos of our classes around Sydney’s historic sights.

Interactive Experiences Enjoyed by All at the Murrook Culture Centre

On Monday 21st August 3F and 3B students travelled to the Murrook Culture Centre.

“It was a long bus ride, so when we arrived we had our recess and broke into groups. After that we went to see a smoking ceremony. That’s what they do if someone dies, gets married or if a baby is born. Then the Indigenous guides, Chris and Steve sang a song about God while we watched the smoke. Chris taught us how to speak “Gutung” and it was fun.  After that we got to do some painting of Aboriginal art on canvas. We could choose to trace some animal stencils and do dot paintings. They looked great! Next, we had lunch and played on the oval. After lunch we went to see how didgeridoos were made and saw some Indigenous artefacts. The boys got to play the didgeridoos and the girls played the sticks.Then we got to do a funny dance and had our faces painted with white ochre. Last of all we got to throw returning boomerangs. It was super fun! We said goodbye to Chris and Steve and thanked them for having us. Then we went back to school on the bus. We had such a great day!” By Amelia B and Alarna M (3B)

“For the welcoming ceremony Steve put a fire on and added green leaves so it would produce a lot of smoke. They walked through the smoke and released all their bad energy. Then Chris said some words in Wallimia language then translated it into English for us.  For our painting activity we used mini canvas, paints, brushes and stencils to create our own little story with aboriginal dot art. It was interesting to see and hear all the different picture stories.  Then we learned a traditional dance, which required us to put on paint, learn the moves, show our friends. There are certain animals to their dancing as well the ones we learnt were the kangaroo and emu. Then we looked at different artefacts that were used in hunting, gathering and cooking, such as spears, plates and cutting down materials.  We were able to come up and choose our favourite artefacts. One of the kids chose an occer (Oh-ker) which makes different colours when rubbed against a rock (red, white and yellow). Red is for boys, yellow is for girls and white is for everyone.  We each got a turn at throwing a boomerang. There were three different types: returning, non returning and hunting boomerang. We threw two different sizes of returning ones, the big one was the easiest.” By Eva (3F)

Please click here for a selection of images from the day, on our Facebook Gallery.