Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

Pursuing digital normalisation in education in the most efficient, and cost effective manner.

BYOT involves personal ownership by students as they integrate technology into their daily learning environment.


The intention behind BYOT is to provide teachers and students with additional tools to assist in teaching and learning. Lunchtimes and recesses remain device free, as face to face socialising is an important part of the holistic, educational environment. This program is not about replacing aspects of our education, but rather, enhancing teacher and student options.

Educational rationale for BYOT

It is clear through decades of studies, as well as a casual look at society today, that technology has a massive role to play in our students’ lives. Increased access to technology not only allows for the benefits afforded to traditional education subjects, but also allows for increased education of appropriate digital citizenship.

BYOT allows for teachers to teach appropriate online behaviours in the context of the regular teaching and learning activities. Our aim is to normalise the ICT integration into teaching, learning and life in an appropriate way, removing the aspect of the online world being an escape from parents and teachers. BYOT opens the doors to creative aspects of teaching and learning only possible through digital means.

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