MC Learn

MC Learn

MC Learn is a part of the expansive Wellbeing Department at Macquarie College.

We understand that all students have been created as unique individuals and, for some, the learning journey may be challenging.

MC Learn Hub

For students with sensory needs, our MC Learn Hub provides a quiet space where our young people can self-regulate their emotions. Students may access this area as needed to engage in age-appropriate calming activities under the guidance of trained staff.




Collaboration with parents, students, teachers and specialists is beneficial when developing individualised plans to support students in their learning journey.


Our support for students with physical, social, emotional, or intellectual challenges is based on an inclusive model which allows for these students to remain a part of day-to-day classroom activities.

We have a team of trained teacher aides who work very closely with class teachers in order to provide individualised support and adjustments to programs within the class context. We also provide intensive small group and individual explicit instruction on a needs basis.

At Macquarie College we value each student as the unique individual that they were created to be. We support them to reach their potential and equip them to live meaningful and successful lives beyond school.