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Senior School

Macquarie College is a student-centred, future-focused Adventist secondary school where the pursuit of excellence is encouraged in all areas of school life. We strive to make school a fun place with endless possibilities for our young people.

At Macquarie College we seek to develop the whole young person in academic, co-curricular and social-emotional areas.

Senior School

Macquarie College’s Senior School is a place to thrive for students from across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley.

We support young people in achieving their best results across all aspects of their school life, including academic, creative, co-curricular and sporting competencies. As an Adventist Senior School, our Christian values also serve as the foundation of their school experiences, encouraging authentic and deep faith amongst our young people. We are constantly evolving, adopting an open-ended and multifaceted approach to teaching and learning that will benefit the futures of our young people.


Skills Passport and Global Competencies

Our College promotes an aspirational, future-focused learning environment. We value a broad range of educational fields, and formally acknowledge skills mastered beyond the traditional framework. Using a Macquarie College Skills Passport, we’re able to track the accumulated skills students have gained that will help to equip them for the workplaces of tomorrow.

Senior School Design Lab

In Senior School, our future-focused learning promotes innovation. Our Senior School Design Lab offers students the ability to work with a mix of new technologies, such as laser cutters and 3D printing, along with a range of hand and machine tools designed to encourage deep learning within Science, Engineering and STEM. The lab is open during lunch and after school for those who want to develop projects.

Future-focused and student-centred

With the world continually changing and evolving, we strive to equip our students with the capacities, skills and competencies that the workplaces of tomorrow will require. At Macquarie College, we’ve reimagined our teaching spaces, furniture and the learning environment itself to develop our young people. We also offer them more agency over their future through student-centred education.

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Senior School
sport, music &

Macquarie College offers an outstanding sporting program giving students opportunities to participate in a multitude of sports at local, state and national levels. Our music students learn through participation and are often involved in a wide variety of performance opportunities. The Macquarie College co-curricular program allows students to participate in interest areas across the Creative and Performing Arts and Sporting fields, as well as a variety of other clubs and activities.