Learning with us

Creative and Performing Arts

Macquarie College prides itself on its outstanding Creative and Performing Arts program, providing opportunities for students in the areas of Drama, Music and Visual Arts.

Art extras

Visual Art lessons

During Visual Art lessons, students are given a range of media to experiment with in order to choose their area of expertise to extend to major artworks. They also explore art history, and visit a variety of locations to view art in the real world and discuss the importance of visual arts as a stand-alone art form. Students will have the opportunity to display their works both inside and outside of the school, as well as delve into the digital community through the CAPA Instagram page.

Stage Band

Stage Band is an extension ensemble in the school featuring more advanced players. They explore repertoire in jazz and funk styles and students are expected to learn this far more quickly. While predominantly an instrumental ensemble, there is also an opportunity for vocalists to feature within this group. Stage Band allows students the chance to develop their improvisation skills and is a good pathway for HSC performance preparations.

Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble is open to all students from Years 7 to 12. Repertoire for this ensemble is mostly based around popular music, however, students will also experience a variety of genres. Part singing is taught to students, but the focus is on allowing students the opportunity to sing in a group. An advanced group will be selected for students who wish to sing in a more challenging ensemble and sample a wider range of music.

Chapel Band

Our Chapel Band is a great opportunity for senior students to become involved in sharing pieces of music during our weekly Chapel programmes. The songs can range from Praise & Worship to mainstream, focusing on a positive, uplifting message. Students don’t need to be in any music classes to perform, although a number of our young people who take music also like to play for Chapel.