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Meet the School Principals

Our principals are committed to the continued growth of our school and leading our community into a future of relevance, opportunity and development.

Mr Rohan Deanshaw

Rohan Deanshaw, Principal at Macquarie College.

Our College has been my focus since 2019, and I feel privileged to be a part of a community of high-quality, nurturing and future-focused teaching and learning professionals. We are supported by a broad range of partners, such as the Future Schools Alliance, the Association of Independent Schools NSW and the Collaborative Learning Network. Together with various tertiary institutions and business entities, we offer an exciting, experiential learning environment for all students.

Prior to Macquarie College, I was Principal at Kempsey Adventist School. Leading the growth of this school was a real career highlight of mine. I have also been a teacher and Deputy Principal of the Secondary School at Heritage College in Victoria. As Principal of Macquarie College, I’m passionate about providing our students with an environment where they can learn within a supportive, Christian context. While we maintain proud traditions of academic excellence and a broad suite of extracurricular activities, we also provide a learning environment that is intentionally future-focused.

We’re committed to providing each of our Preschool to Year 12 students with age-appropriate skills and dispositions to equip them for the workplaces of tomorrow. I commend the Macquarie College program to you, a community of faith and learning that’s committed to supporting young people not only thrive today, but also equipping them to embrace the emerging opportunities which will be presented in the global workplaces and communities of the future.

Mr Marvin Anderson

Marvin Anderson, Deputy Principal of Senior School at Macquarie College.

Between 1998 to 2000, I worked at Macquarie College as a Geography teacher, and returned in 2006 to commence my current position. Prior to my time at the College, I was employed for nine years at Auckland SDA High School, teaching Geography and PDHPE, and serving as an Assistant Principal. I absolutely love Macquarie College, and both of my children completed their Junior and Senior School education here. My daughter is now studying Health Sciences at Otago University in New Zealand and my son has just commenced a building apprenticeship. Macquarie College gave them a strong foundation to pursue their career of choice.

The staff at Macquarie College are extremely dedicated to their students, and not only deliver an excellent learning environment, but also care for the wellbeing and spiritual development of young people. Macquarie College is on a journey of creating an environment that is even more student-centred and future-focused. We are transforming learning spaces and determining the skills and dispositions students will need to enter the future workforce. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Macquarie College community. In addition to my professional life, I enjoy playing cricket, basketball and tennis, spending time out on the lake, and travelling.

Miss Tonia Bentley

Tonia Bentley, Deputy Principal of Junior School at Macquarie College

Throughout my career, I have taught a range of Junior School grades and worked in learning support and administration. Most of my career has been spent within the SDA school system, but I have enjoyed other systems and states as well. I also spent a year working in Cambridge, UK, which was a fantastic learning experience for me. In my personal time, I love to travel and challenge myself.

I enjoy the outdoors, walking and bike riding, as well as designing and being creative. Visiting an art gallery in a new town or city, combined with a visit to a cafe and a walk or ride, is how I love to spend my downtime. It is such a privilege to work at Macquarie College, a school where learning is valued. The College provides a setting where I can evolve as a professional and play a part in creating a future-focused, Christ-centred learning environment for children to thrive no matter their interests or talents.

Macquarie College is on a journey of adventure and possibility. We are creating an environment that is even more student-centred and future-focused.