Learning with us

Junior School

Macquarie College Junior School is a future-focused Newcastle primary school full of rich experiences, providing strong foundations for life. We give students the opportunity to direct their own learning and develop their capabilities.

Macquarie College cultivates innovative educational experiences, developing students’ independence, engagement and ownership through giving them a ‘voice and choice’.

Junior School learning

Our College’s Junior School is an Adventist primary school servicing Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley.

In the early years we develop critical foundations in literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills through play-based learning in a natural environment. As our students transition from Year 3 to Year 6, we provide increasing opportunities for them to direct their own learning and develop their own learning and develop their capabilities.


Our Kindergarten program focuses on developing core literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills in a play-based setting.

Kindergarten students also enjoy bible stories and songs that share God’s love. We adopt pedagogical approaches, including direct instruction and open-ended investigations, to meet the diverse needs of each student. We encourage movement and play, with Kindy learners wearing their sports uniform every day.

Junior Curriculum

Global competencies

Macquarie College is committed to extending students beyond their credentials. We aim to equip our learners with the global competencies of character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking—all skills necessary to prepare them for an evolving future.

Future-focused learning

With our world continually changing, we are committed to growing our future-focused approach so that students are equipped for success. We believe in developing an open-ended, multifaceted and constantly evolving method of teaching that will prepare students for future learnings, as well as the workplaces of tomorrow.

Student ‘voice and choice’

We encourage students’ voice so that we can cultivate an open-ended and student-centred approach to learning. Our young people can select an investigation station in Kindergarten, decide on their learning approach in middle grades and select topics to explore in depth in upper grades, providing students with choice along with fostering a love and ownership of learning.

Learning more

Co-curriculars for Junior students

The co-curricular program fosters a love of learning for all students, regardless of their strengths and interests. It allows young people to participate in a comprehensive range of activities, such as chess, robotics, design, music, sports and debating.