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Year 5 Camp Reflections – Port Macquarie

Macquarie College Camps & Outdoor Education

Macquarie College Camps & Outdoor ProgramYear 5 embarked on their annual camp, this time heading north to Port Macquarie.  This was an opportunity to experience life in the 1800’s, travelling far and wide to find the perfect place to explore colonial life and early settlement. Trial Bay Gaol was our first stop, where students explored punishment for convicts and what life was like in a gaol in colonial Australia. After escaping gaol, students met with some furry friends at the Billabong Zoo and set their eyes to the stars at the Observatory. At the Historic Port Macquarie Courthouse, students participated in a mock trial called ‘Death by Poisoning’, working hard to bring the culprit to justice.

Our final adventure, Timbertown. A town complete with blacksmiths, cobblers, horse and carriage rides and traditional bullocks, all set up in the colonial style.  We had a wonderful time bringing our History learning to life.

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Junior School Chapel Journos – 9th March 2018

Macquarie College ChapelFriday 9th March: Exercising Self-Control

Pr Dana Howard was the guest speaker at JS Chapel on Friday 9th March.

Pr Howard helped us to understand what self-control means. In Proverbs 13:3 “Self control means controlling the tongue. A quick retort can ruin everything.” When thinking about this week’s JS Value, I remembered a time that I wanted to get a special toy for Christmas but I did not get it. When it was my birthday I was so surprised to get it.

I think it is important to display self-control to teachers, friends and family and we should always show self-control even when its hard to.

Sophie W and Julia C (6L)

Special event for parents preparing their child for Kindergarten

Macquarie College Pre-School

The Macquarie College Junior School is pleased to invite parents, friends and guests to a free, community event for parents with children preparing for Kindergarten in 2019 or 2020.

Tuesday 27th March
7.00pm – 8.00pm
Macquarie College Library

Our Kindergarten Staff will present on a range of activities, decisions and behaviours which can be developed with your infant, to prepare for Kindergarten and to enjoy their entry into ‘big school’.  Topics which we will discuss on the night include:

  • Reading With Your Child
  • Interactive Conversations With Your Child
  • Self Help Skills
  • Day to Day Skills
  • Emotional and Social Skills
  • Technology
  • Other Considerations for Starting School
  • The Junior School Community

Click Here to register your attendance at this information session.  Supper will be served on the night, so please RSVP early to confirm your place.

Macquarie College students celebrated at NSWCIS 2017 awards night

Macquarie College Sport

Congratulations to these three amazing students who were presented with the top awards from CIS, at a special ceremony dinner, for representing at National Championships during 2017.

  • Sienna E (7B) for Cricket: received a 2018 State Medallion
  • Harry A (6L) for Golf: Member of the Team of the Year, received a Red Award, a 2018 State Medallion, and the DA WIburd Shield for Primary Sportsperson of the Year. 
  • Jye P (12V) for Golf: Member of the Team of the Year, and received a 2018 State Medallion.

Alarna M (3B) Celebrates ‘Come Play With Me’ Bench Installation

This week we were pleased to see the installation of the “Come Play With Me Bench”, which was inspired by the designs of 3B student Alarna M.  The bench has already proved a magnet for students and is a great meeting place to gather and socialise.  Congratulations to Alarna for winning the competition to design the bench.  Year 6 students Abel and Katie caught up with Alarna to get some feedback on this experience.

What inspired your design?
My inspiration was my  friends coming together and holding hands. This is a form of wellbeing, symbolising happiness, acceptance and comfort. Each hand above the chair says a word representing wellbeing.

What did you think when you heard that there was competition to design a wellbeing bench?
When I first saw the posters around the school I instantly thought “i’m going to draw a chair and enter the competition”. Nervously I gave the drawing to my teacher, but at the time I didn’t think I would win.

How did it make you feel when you saw your design as a bench in the JS playground?
When I first saw the final product of the chair in place, I thought “This is amazing, and very exciting!“.  I hope that this chair gets a lot of use and many new friendships are created there.

The project was an initiative of the student-led Wellbeing Working Party, and supported by the ongoing eSmart program, creating a Safe and Supportive Community here at Macquarie College.