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Students Appointed as Junior School APEC Ambassadors

Term 3 studies concluded with a special APEC Summit hosted by all Year 5 students and their teachers.

The Geography study incorporated over 40 APEC countries that ambassadors were individually chosen to represent. Students spent the term investigating their nominated country in comparison to Australia and identifying lifestyle, economy, trade, culture and cuisine.  Ambassadors prepared speeches and presentations about their country and the specific leadership qualities needed for the unique circumstances of each country.  

The event enabled students to utilise the Hospitality facilities at Macquarie College and present the evening in the Open Learning Centre (OLC).  Over 150 guests were treated to a delicious three course meal with a selection of Asian cuisine, all prepared by the students under the guidance of parents and teachers.

Comments reflected that attendees “learnt much about the APEC community with the varied and diverse aspects of this part of the world”. They “loved listening to the student’s presentations and enjoyed their fresh and enthusiastic ideas for improving life for citizens around this region”. Parents affirmed “the brilliant choice of movie and the students for being trained in their specific responsibilities and doing such a great job”. 

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from the inaugural Year 5 APEC Summit event

Junior School Chapel Journos – Friday 13th April


On Friday 13th April, Junior School welcomed Flying Officer Christopher Rees-Jones.

The main theme was ANZAC day and how we should always be loyal to your country. Flying Officer Rees-Jones was also talking about how we should be proud of all of the soldiers that have made Australia what it is today. Our soldiers have shown loyalty and bravery. Lest we forget.

At this time, we remember that Jesus died to save us just like the soldiers continue to give their lives for our country and our freedom. No matter whether it’s something big or small that someone sacrifices, we should always be thankful.

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you . Greater love has no one than this, that He lay down His life for His friends.
John 15:12-13

Nicole C, Julia C (6L) and Jahnavi R (6CS)

Year 5 Morpeth, East Maitland and Maitland Gaol Experience

Macquarie College Junior SchoolOn Tuesday 27th March, Year 5 hit the streets of Morpeth, East Maitland and visited the Maitland Gaol to immerse themselves in the local history dating back as far as the 1800’s.

Our first stop was Swan Street, Morpeth, where we visited the historic Courthouse, which has now been converted to a museum to exhibit amazing photos and precious ornaments preserved from the 19th century.   Year 5 walked down memory lane, or should we say, Swan Street, where cobbled pathways still lay, reminiscent of the period where Morpeth was a bustling port.

We then boarded our coach and travelled to East Maitland, once known as a Government Settlement. The group were given a historical walk-back-in-time presentation by Father David, the Rector of Saint Peter’s Anglican Church. He spoke about the local history and how the Church was constructed. From there, our final stop was Maitland Gaol, home to some of the most dangerous men and women the country has ever seen. It was interesting to hear how the gaol operated for a period of 150 years. The students were given a taste of what life would have been like for the prisoners as a tour guide showed us around the buildings and outdoor spaces that made up the goal.

The excursion was important as a means to study local history, showing students some of the many historical landmarks situated in the Hunter Region, which illustrate how our city and surrounding areas have been shaped by events over the past 180 years, and the people who created a legacy in the shaping of our region.

5/10ths Mentoring Activities Return for 2018

Macquarie College 5/10ths Mentoring Program

The 5/10ths Mentoring Program returned in 2018, with our first combined Year 5 and 10 event held on Friday 16th March.  Through different team building activities we are fostering long-lasting friendships which will carry the Year 5s through to when they start in Year 7 in 2020. The next activity afternoon will be in Term 2, and students can look forward to a competitive trivia competition! Many thanks to Mr Smyth, Mr Hilder and Senior School Chaplain Josh Goss for facilitating these activities.   Here’s what some of the students had to say about their first get together for 2018.  Click Here  for our Photo Gallery from their day.

“The 5/10ths program is where Year 5 boys and girls buddy-up with Year 10s, and do team building challenges and activities together. There were four groups that went to different stations, each with a different challenge/activity including water balloon throwing & catching competition, building a shelter to survive a ‘storm’ (just water balloons and a bucket of water!) an ‘Egg Drop Challenge’, and finally a game of ‘Finska’.    I was in a with Swaye and enjoyed throwing water balloons to each other, though we didn’t do that well in the competition, but it was still very enjoyable and I got to learn a bit about Swaye too.

We moved onto the next station and got into bigger groups. Swaye and I joined up with Thomas, Joseph, and Elijah to build a shelter out of a tarp and piece of rope so that we could survive the ‘storm’. We could use objects around us to tie the rope and keep the structure steady. We first had fun watching some others get drenched, as water balloons were thrown in from all directions at them, before we ourselves got drenched. It was quite nice and refreshing getting wet on a sunny day! To top the activity off, we then got to drench another group with water!

At our third activity station, our challenge was to create a structure entirely out of paper, with only sticky tape to hold it together, that could support an egg dropped from a 3 metre height without breaking it! We only had 10 minutes to complete the challenge which made it harder, but it also helped get the whole team involved. Some groups got their egg to survive the fall, which sadly wasn’t the case in my group, but it was good fun building it with the others!

Our final activity was a game of ‘Finska’!  Our challenge was to hit the numbered pins and some groups managed to easily score the 50 points needed.  My group did go over 50 a few times, and got close to 50 points nearly twice!   Overall, the day was very enjoyable and I got to meet some of the year fives and learn a bit about them whilst doing the challenges and activities with them.”    James B (10Z)

“The 5/10ths activities on Friday were awesome. My group was brilliant. The Year 10s were so nice to the Year 5s. My favourite part was building ‘the base’ to prevent the water balloon storm from hitting us. I can’t wait to get together again next term. Manning M (5S)

“It was an amazing day. Water balloons, frozen treats and laughter. My favourite part was when we had to try and prevent the egg from breaking. I enjoyed making new friendships and laughing a lot.” Daisy M (5S)

“Years 5 and 10 came together and had a lot of fun doing some exciting activities. These included a water bomb fight, an egg drop, a fort competition and a game of Finska. I enjoyed getting to know some of the Year 10 students and working together to figure out the best way to win competitions. I’m sure everyone enjoyed it and we’re excited to do it again soon.” Ruby M-D (5S)

“5/10ths was a great experience with lots of fun activities. My favourite activities were creating a shelter and wrapping an egg up in paper so it survived a drop test. It was wonderful to meet the Year 10s and play interactive games with them. I am looking forward to doing this again next term.” Thomas T (5S)

eSmart Event Postponed: Digital Footprints

Wednesday 21st March:

Regrettably we must postpone tonight’s event.  Jonny Shannon will not deliver his presentation to parents at the College tonight.  A new date for the parent presentation is currently being negotiated and information about the re-scheduled event will be made available as soon as possible.

Macquarie College welcomes eSmart Accredited Presenter, Mr Jonny Shannon, to speak with parents about cyber safety and the phenomenon of digital footprints.  This event will be hosted at the Campus Church starting at 7pm on Wednesday 21st March. 

Jonny speaks candidly about the opportunities – and the potential risks – involved in online communities.  He will share insights into digital footprints, techniques for being safe and smart online, and will describe the regulatory frameworks in Australia which are available to protect children and young people online.

Click Here to pre-register and secure your seats.  
Supper will be served after Jonny’s presentation.

Every user of the web who participates in online communities is leaving a digital footprint that can remain for many years. 

Macquarie College Support CoordinatorMrs Natalie Neuschulz, Support Department Coordinator, and eSmart Committee Member, encourages parents to update their knowledge, to keep up with this constantly changing environment, “Continually updating our understanding of the web and social networking, is key to ensuring we are equipped to model safe online behaviours, and respond appropriately to unforeseen issues if they arise”. 

“Our students are learning about creating a safe and supportive environment.  This applies to the school yard, their home and especially when they are online.  We are committed to ensuring that students understand how to behave, how to make informed choices about their online activities, and what to do if they need help.” 

While the National Day of Action Against Bullying is on Friday 16th March, programs about cyber safety and anti-bullying are delivered continuously in the College through Junior School and Senior School.  “There are numerous implications for students engaging in online communities.  It is our responsibility to educate students that posts with photos and comments today, may well be viewed by prospective employers.  We aim to support parents with information that can guide their child’s online decisions, mitigating consequence now and in the future.”

You are invited to join us at this FREE community event, and you are encouraged to bring a guest to hear Jonny’s presentation.  This is the perfect opportunity to begin (or continue) conversations in your home which protect and preserve your child’s online safety and legacy.