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Junior School Bush Dance Extravaganza 2017

On Tuesday 28th March, the Junior School Bush Dance was held under the COLA.   This event brings together the whole of Junior School once every three years, and we were thrilled to welcome so many families to the College for this social, community event.

The country fever was in full swing as each year level performed to a large audience of parents, grandparents, friends and special visitors.

After each dance, students proceeded to call upon another person to share a second dance. The evening featured the Hokey Pokey, Pony Dance, Chicken Dance, Drongo, Barn Dance, Heel Toe Polka, and concluded with the very popular Nut Bush.

There was an overwhelming amount of food with the choices of dinner packs, fairy floss, ice-cream, snow cones, haystacks (the type you eat; not the ones you sit on) and all sorts of drinks.

Peter Dixon and his band were the entertainers for the night and everyone had a jolly good Aussie time. Special mention to thank our amazing PTA Committee for putting together this wonderful evening.

A selection of pictures from the night are available on the College Facebook photo gallery,  CLICK HERE.

Year 1 Immersed in Science Discoveries

On Wednesday, Year 1 had a blast with our friend David from the Newcastle Museum. We learnt about the science of sound. We discovered that we need vibrations to make sound and that sounds travel through the air as vibrations into our eardrums and then to our brains.  We participated in exciting experiments. Like scientists, we made predictions and then completed the experiments to see what would happen.

To finish we made a band with mini percussion instruments, demonstrating the sounds of various animals.

Carter, 1E: “George tapped bottles of water. The big bottles made the most vibrations.”

Ava, 1E: “I liked the laser beam. When he did a deep voice, there was a big circle. And when David did a low voice, the circle went smaller.

Abbey, 1W: “David showed us about vibration. Vibration is when something moves and causes another thing to move.”

Our next science incursion was with our very own Mr Woolley from Senior School.

We had an exciting and different start to our week on Monday. We got to visit a science room in Senior School. Mr Woolley’s science lab was amazing. He talked to us about Sound and Light. We learnt that Sound can travel through a solid, even train tracks. We learnt that at midday, the light is more white.

Simi, 1M: “I loved seeing bunsen burners in the room. There was even a shower and some gas taps.”

Lachlan, 1M: “I learnt that the faster a tuning fork vibrates, the higher pitched the sound is.”

Host a French Exchange Student in 2017

Each year there are hundreds of students from around the world who choose to visit Australia. You can be a part of the experience by welcoming a French exchange student into your home.  By opening your door and hearts to an international exchange student your family can:
• Make a lifelong link to a family in another country
• Learn about another culture
• Share the beauty of Australia and our culture
• Gain a new family member
• Contribute to International goodwill
• Develop a friendship that will last for many years

Here are some wonderful insights and reflections of the Hosting experience shared by three Macquarie College families.

Hosting a student from France is an experience that we would recommend.  Our student was keen to integrate into our way of life and fitted in with our girls’ after school activities.  She was a little hesitant with having to wear a uniform to school but after a couple of weeks (and definitely by the end) was pro-uniform and wished she had one back at her school in France!  She spoke English very well, however was asking for us to correct her so she could improve even further.  For our family the experience was one that drew us even closer as we all had to work together to accommodate having someone new in our home.  Robbins family (Brooke year 8 and Megan year 5)

Our family has hosted two French students over the past couple of years. The experience for our family was fantastic. Our 4 children were able to learn about France, its culture, traditions and our students even cooked a French meal for the family.  As a family we especially enjoyed the time we spent together visiting and exploring our local area with our students. I would highly recommend this experience to everyone.  Thompson family (Ebony year 10, Mackenzie year 6)

We have hosted six exchange students over the past years and we find the exchange a very rewarding experience in a number of ways:

  • Our family learns about another culture and language firsthand and it helps our family and the host student to see different ways of living and thinking through “new eyes”.        
  • We have developed lifelong friendships with some of the students – and intend to visit them when we go to France and Europe.
  • Helps our daughter to better understand the increasing global nature of life in the modern world – including a broader perspective on the world, learning more about geography, communication and international cultures.
  • It gives us the opportunity to show our student Newcastle, Australia, and our  way of life, the ‘life of an Aussie teenager’  – including our school

We believe the exchange enriches our family life through a broader perspective of the world – as well as the opportunity to create  a ‘friend’ in another country.  
Hillyard family (Allegra year 10)

Please contact Madame Woolford on 49546222 or Email Madame  if you are interested in this unique opportunity for your family or if you have any questions regarding hosting.

2018 Scholarship Program for New Students

Each year Scholarships are available for Year 7 students who demonstrate exceptional ability and achievements. Scholarships are awarded in three categories: Academic, Merit and Excellence Awards.

Academic – Exceptional academic achievements across all subjects
Merit – Exceptional skills and ability across a range of academic and extra-curricular pursuits
Excellence – Exceptional skills and ability in a specific discipline such as Applied and Performing Arts, and Sport.

All Scholarship categories have a set of criteria that applicants must meet to be eligible. These are listed on the relevant Scholarship Application Form.

Families considering enrolling their child at Macquarie College, starting in Year 7 in 2018 are invited to participate in the 2018 Scholarship Program.  Applications close Friday 21st April 2017.

Click Here for more information, including the 2018 Program Overview for New Students, and copies of the Criteria and Application Forms for the three categories of scholarships awarded.

Macquarie College Wins ‘Kids’ Lit Quiz’ Regional Heat

Kids’ Lit Quiz is an international literacy competition for students aged 10-13.  Events are held in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of Australia.  It is a quiz that celebrates readers and the vast amount of information they absorb as they improve their own literacy.

This year, for the first time, a Newcastle Region heat was held, and Macquarie College hosted this event.  Students from schools around our region participated in a lively competition, demonstrating their knowledge of books and literature. 

Macquarie College were very competently represented by three teams in the competition, and one of our teams won the event.  Congratulations to Jessica, Mikkel, Mia and Sienna. 

Unfortunately, our students cannot progress to the next level as the Australian Final is being held on a Saturday, a day that we hold sacred as our Sabbath.  However, whilst no change can be made for this year, the organisers are looking to change the timing of the Australian Final in future years so students from Adventist Schools are not at a disadvantage.

Our students have forged a trail for others to follow in the future.

Congratulations to the members of all three of our teams, and particularly our winning team.  Not only did they demonstrate their great knowledge, they were also marvellous ambassadors for our College. We are extremely proud of them.

The final standings from the Heat were:

1st: Macquarie College, Team 3
2nd: New Lambton Public School, Team 1
3rd: Lakes Grammar


Macquarie College
Winners of Newcastle Regional Heat
Kids’ Lit Quiz 2017
Jessica (8R), Sienna (5H), Mikkel (6L) and Mia (5DS)

Mia (7H), Georgie (7H), Rebekah (5DS) and Abby (5H)

Nicholas (7O), Rachinee (5H), Aisling (5DS) and Abigail (7O)