MC Triumph as Kids’ Lit Quiz World Champions!

In a literary battle of wits that spanned across borders and minds, a group of bright students from Macquarie College emerged victorious, securing the prestigious Kids’ Lit Quiz World Championship for 2023. Held in Napier, New Zealand, the event saw young book enthusiasts gather from different corners of the globe to showcase their literary knowledge, but it was our very own team that rose to the occasion, leaving a trail of triumph in their wake.

Congratulations to Lana, Layla, Abigail, and Alison who demonstrated an exceptional grasp of literature throughout the competition. Their keen understanding of classic tales, contemporary stories, and everything in between impressed both fellow contestants and the esteemed panel of judges.

Thank you also to Mrs Zenith and Mrs Eckersley for their time and efforts supporting and coaching the team throughout their competitions this year.

You can read more about the KLQ on their website