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MC Lego Masters Competition 2019

MC Lego Masters Winners

Junior: Emma H, Elizabeth M
Senior: Harrison R, Jackson C, Sam H, Harlan E

Heat Winners
The previous five heat winners listed below

Round 1 – Vehicles

Junior: Siri S, Helen L, Monique E, Brenton B, Caleb K
Senior: Zack N, Jed R, Adam G, Jacob H

Round 2 – Animals

Junior: Emma H, Marcella S, Elizabeth M
Senior: Marshall M, Cody L, Maddyck D

Round 3 – Aliens

Junior: Willow-Rose P, Eloise D, Bethany H, Eve J
Senior: Harrison R, Jackson C, Sam H, Harlan E

Round 4 – Buildings

Junior: Sonny R, Levi R
Senior: Xanthe B, Dallas R, Molly R, Alby D

Round 5 – Spacecraft

Junior: Simi W, Lucas G, Connor S, Carter M, Wil H, Mason P,  Callum L
Senior: Jai D, Pierryck A, Jake F, Aiden S

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Students Attend Special School’s Concert By The Sydney Symphony Orchestra

On Friday 24 May, students from the Junior School String Ensemble, Concert Band, Chapel Band and Senior Primary Choir attended a special School’s concert by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the City Hall in Newcastle. After the concert the students had a picnic in Civic Park followed by an afternoon of fun music activities in the Newcastle University campus on Hunter St. The activities included; performing with body percussion, score reading and making a trumpet from a hose, mouthpiece and funnel.

Everyone who attended the excursion had a great day and favourite highlights from students include:

  • The circus song that the orchestra played –Sophie, Year 3
  • Blowing into a hose – Lizzy, Year 3
  • Listening to fun music and guessing what the music was about – Gabby, Year 6
  • The concert was incredible – Riley, Year 5
  • Closing my eyes and listening to all of the instruments playing at once – Giselle Year, 5
  • Walking around the uni as though we were Uni students – Lizzy & Chelsea, Year 5
  • Seeing the huge double basses that were bigger than the men playing them – Swaye, Year 6
  • Being able to sing and dance with the orchestra, not just listen – Ocea, Year 6

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Growing Happy, Healthy Young Minds

Year 2 recently made pesto with fresh basil picked from their garden. Almost everyone in Year 2 was brave enough to try it – because they know the colour doesn’t determine the flavour. It was delicious. Year 2 is proud of being able to grow food that they can eat.


Legal Studies Students Explore The Justice & Police Museum

Legal studies students recently descended into the underworld in a new photographic exhibition revealing the dark side of the Roaring Twenties. They explored more than 130 candid and compelling mugshots taken by New South Wales Police between 1920 and 1930.

The exhibition revealed through mugshots and stories the dark underbelly world of violence, gangs and guns. The remarkable collection of glass-plate negatives taken by Sydney police at the time, is now part of the NSW Police Forensic Photography Archive, held by the Justice & Police Museum. Students also took the opportunity to dress in time period costume.

Lego Masters Competition

Last week there was great excitement as we launched the MC Lego Masters competition as part of our Makerspace program. Each week for the next five weeks ten new teams will work to a theme, with winners from each round taking part in the finals at the end of the term.

This week’s theme was ‘Vehicles’, and there were certainly some fabulous constructions. The competition was thoroughly enjoyed by both the participants and the onlookers. We are looking forward to seeing more creativity and teamwork in the coming weeks.

We would also like to mention how impressed we were by the thoughtfulness of many students who helped us to sort the Lego back into colours and tidy the library without being asked.