Swimming Success at The Forum

Wow. What a way to start the year. We had our SS swimming carnival on day 4 of week 1 and the JS swimming carnival at the start of week 2. There was high tension and lots of movement as we worked towards getting things ready for this early start to the sporting calendar. We thank all students and parents for responding quickly to our technology based nominations and short notice changes to the event!

There was magic in the air, and magic is exactly what our year 2-6 students witnessed as they watched the swim wall emerge from the bottom of the pool, creating 2 x 25m metre pools for our fun races! It was such a nice moment as some of our younger students finally got their turn after waiting all morning, whilst our year 6 girls sat on the pool edge, cheering them on and offering a helping hand as they exited the pool.

Emily Dobbins and Khai Zenith were responsible for breaking 3 records each in our SS swimming carnival! Along with the blistering pace set by these two, there were so many glorious moments in both carnivals. Nicholas Gillard (Dobell – 18+ age champion) left the wall in the final race of the day nearly two body lengths in front of Liam McSeveney (Charlton – 17 age champion) for the final leg of the open boys relay. What remained of the carnival followed the two boys along the pool deck, like a swarm of bees as Liam powered his way back into the frame to overtake an exhausted Nic. An incredible effort by both young men! 



House Points
Dobell 600
Charlton 335
Shortland 316



House Points
Charlton 806
Dobell 351
Shortland 310