Covid-19 Update

Good morning Parents and Carers,

This email is intended as a brief update to the recent email concerning the Level 3 Plus guidelines currently in place for schools in our LGA.

Mask Wearing

On 17 October a slight amendment was made to the Level 3 Plus guidelines concerning the wearing of masks by staff, 7-12 students and K-6 students on school sites. Those changes are:

  • While in indoor settings in schools, masks are required for all staff and students in Years 7-12. Masks are strongly recommended for students K-6.

This change means that masks are no longer required to be worn by staff or students in outdoor settings while on the school site.

All other previously published requirements of the Level 3 Plus guidelines for schools in our LGA remain in place currently.

Please feel welcome to contact me at [email protected] if you would like clarification on any of the matters outlined above.


Kind regards,

Rohan Deanshaw