Covid Update 26.8.21

Good day Parents and Carers, 

As was the case last week, this email is just a quick note to confirm that, following the most recent announcement of the extension of the current lockdown through to Friday 10 September, MC will continue to operate within the Level 4 guidelines that were published to you on Friday 6 August. 

Over the past couple of weeks, several families have contacted me questioning whether the Level 4 guidelines for schools were created by us at MC and whether there is scope for those guidelines to be adjusted. To be clear, throughout the course of the pandemic, MC has followed the full scope of advice and mandated expectations provided by NSW Health. The Level 4 guidelines for schools in NSW fall within the scope of mandated expectations and, as such, are designed to protect the health and wellbeing of students and staff on the school site. 

In response to enquiries from parents, published below are the contact details for key staff who you can contact directly for specific assistance in the coming days.

MC Cloud: David Chapman – Assistant Principal (Teaching & Learning) ~ [email protected] Student Wellbeing: Aaron Hodges – Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing) ~ [email protected] HSC: Clare Jolliffe – Assistant Principal (Senior School) ~ [email protected] Financial Assistance: Steve Andrews – Business Manager ~ [email protected] 

Student Attendance: A quick reminder that, while it is preferred that young people across our K-12 programs learn from home via the MC Cloud platform, we appreciate that this is simply not possible for all families. As such, MC will remain open to any child who needs to attend school. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to briefly acknowledge the work of our teachers and support staff whose efforts on behalf of the young people attending onsite as well as the many hundreds of students learning from home, are being so well supported and complemented by our MC Cloud platform. For any of you who have spent extended periods on Zoom throughout the pandemic, you will no doubt appreciate the dedicated professionalism of our teaching team who working hard to maintain the integrity of your young person’s learning throughout the lockdown. 

Finally, feel welcome to contact me directly at [email protected] if I can assist your child’s learning or yourself directly in relation to MC programs and services over the coming days and weeks. 

Kind regards,

Rohan Deanshaw