Covid Update 19.8.21

Good afternoon Parents and Carers, 

This is intended as a brief update in the context of this morning’s announcement of a further extension to the current lockdown, with MC continuing to operate within the Level 4 guidelines that were emailed to you on Friday 6 August. 

While online learning via MC Cloud will continue to provide high-quality learning for each of our K-12 students through this period, I have again shared the direct contacts for key staff who you may choose to connect with to provide specific assistance in the coming days. Of course, you can also choose to contact your child’s teacher/s via the same email protocol (initialsurname@mc…). 

MC Cloud: David Chapman – Assistant Principal (Teaching & Learning) [email protected] Student Wellbeing: Aaron Hodges – Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing) [email protected] HSC: Clare Jolliffe – Assistant Principal (Senior School) [email protected]

Financial Assistance: Steve Andrews – Business Manager [email protected] 

Student Attendance: A quick reminder also that, while it is preferred that young people across our K-12 programs learn from home via the MC Cloud platform, we appreciate that this is simply not possible for all families. As such, MC will remain open to any child who needs to attend school. 

As a community of staff at MC we consider it a privilege to continue to partner with your family in the education of your children. No questions or requests for assistance to support your child’s learning throughout the complexity of the lockdown period is considered lightly by us. To that end, please feel welcome to contact me directly at [email protected] if I can assist your child’s learning or yourself directly in relation to MC programs and services over the coming days and weeks. 

Kind regards,

Rohan Deanshaw