Senior musicians set to launch their album at Lizotte’s

Year 12 Album Launch 2020

Year 12 Album Launch 2020As part of their senior studies in Music Year 12 students have been writing an album of original songs which will be debuted at Lizotte’s on Monday 23rd March.

The composition component of this performance is the assessment task and the performance component is just another opportunity for students to perform in front of a crowd which will help them when they have to perform in front of examiners later in the year.  This is the 4th time Macquarie College has hosted a concert and Album Launch, and each year proves to be enjoyable for family and friends, and a key memory event for students after they graduate.

There will be two other bands playing on the evening, with Year 12 on stage second. Tickets are on sale now and you’re invited to join us for a fun night, and to support our students.

Purchase your tickets today via the Lizotte’s website, or by calling the venue on 4956 2066.