Seniors Launch VEX EDR Robotics Club

The MC Robotics Club was launched in 2019 with a VEX IQ junior program, featuring regular club meetings, building programs, and a visit to Kempsey Adventist School for scrimmage matches.  Now, our Year 8-10 students are getting in on the action with the creation of a robotics room in the newly opened Design Lab, and the launch of the VEX EDR program as an after school activity each Thursday afternoon during Terms 1-2. 

Students work collaboratively in teams and boldly explore the world of robotics, using kits to plan, create and build robots ready for future competition.

Students’ first task was fitting out their robotics lab, before moving on to the strategic planning, learning game play, and creation of a robot that can do what is required during competition.  Each team member has designated responsibilities in the lead up to and during competition, and the program will challenge students’ creativity to think outside the ‘box’, working on skills such  as communication, collaboration and teamwork all while having fun and creating their robot.

In the early part of 2020, students are thrilled with the opportunities the program is providing and may even inspire students to seek out higher level technical competitions internationally, through the annual VEX World Championships. 

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