Pre-school graduation ceremony celebrates learning development

Why have a Pre-school graduation?  For our Pre-school team it is about acknowledging the learning and development during the children’s time at Pre-school and in the early childhood years. It is about celebrating this milestone in children’s and family’s lives. Children are important, their learning is important and that is why we as a Pre-school service hold a graduation evening. To celebrate the children, to acknowledge learning in the early year and to celebrate play!

The children’s learning and development in our play-based program is founded on the latest research into early childhood education and development. The Pre-school philosophy underpins our program and we draw inspiration from the principles of the Reggio Emilia philosophy and nature play.  As we reflect on the last few years, we have been reminded how the program has evolved to include large blocks of time, utilisation of the natural outdoor environment and bush garden, inclusion of ‘loose parts’ and understanding of the importance of setting up the environment to invite learning and engagement for the children.