Year 11 stare down the challenge of reimagining a classic

In today’s modern world of listening to music digitally where people pick and choose and make playlists, the concept of crafting an album where listeners are taken on a sonic journey has somewhat been lost. The Year 11 class from Macquarie College will be performing a classic album in its entirety. There are many who consider Crowded House the best song writing band since the Beatles and the album Woodface undoubtedly will go down as one of the best written albums for songwriters and listeners. Come and join us for one night the students of Macquarie College revisit and in some cases reimagine some classic songwriting and take you on a journey of melody and harmony.  
Tickets are free but you will need to “purchase” one through the Ticketek website below so we can keep track of the number of people coming.
Date : Monday the 2nd of December
Venue : Newcastle Civic Playhouse
Time : Starting at 7:00pm