Kindergarten students embrace native wildlife at Oakvale Park

Kindy visit to Oakvale Wildlife Park

‘Moo’, ‘baa’, ‘cheep cheep’ came the sounds as our Kindergarten students entered the Oakvale Wildlife Park.  Walking through the nocturnal house the children found slithering snakes, bearded dragons and tiny lizards lazing, before squealing with delight as they received bottles of milk to feed baby lambs, goats and piglets. Some students even got to milk a cow!

Everyone clambered onto the tractor for a bumpy ride, and to observe the many animal enclosures from on high. Students then enjoyed a cuddle from a soft koala.  After lunch the students enjoyed a gentle stroll to visit each animal enclosure and feed kangaroos with bags of pellets. The highlight was seeing some cute joeys in their mother’s pouch.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who accompanied us and helped us all to have an amazing day.