Final Day Fun includes Chapel & Mufti Day Fundraiser

Mufti Day Fundraiser

Mufti Day FundraiserThe final Junior School chapel on Friday 5th July was a special day, as it coincided with a mufti day some special farewells.   For our mufti theme, we had the choice of either wearing pyjamas or a onesie and those dressed in mufti were asked to bring in a gold coin donation, to raise money for the Australian Red Cross! We all thoroughly enjoyed it!  It was a very comfy experience. Some people wore onesies like lions,giraffes and zebras! Some students from Years 1-6 enjoyed being a part of a special photo! That was very exciting! 

The most important part of the morning’s chapel program was the class hosting … KW students were spectacular! They sang a song to show us we need to have love in our hearts and be kind to our friends, family and of course our teachers! They showed us a video of how we can colour our world with kindness, and how a simple thing can make someone’s day. We danced and performed the actions to the songs! 

We had a very special guest speaker, Dr Emma Campbell, who told us about how to be kind, and that kindness is the best medicine for sadness. You can definitely heal people with kindness! 

We had some farewell presentations, including a thank you and bunch of flowers for the  lovely Mrs Young who is leaving our school and relocating to Queensland. We also said farewell to Mr Franklin, who is on leave until the end of 2019. 

By Benjamin A, Daisy M and Zahra W (6B)