Senior School Chapel Program Explores Judgement and Acceptance

Deputy Principal Senior School, Mr Marvin Anderson today presented Finlee B (11Z) an award during the Senior School chapel program.  Finlee received a Department award from Camden Haven High School for my Term 2 work in the subject ‘Community & Family Studies’ via distance education.

Pr Goss is the Senior School chaplain and leader of the chapel program held at Macquarie College. Over the time-span of his career, Pr Goss has displayed a strong passion for ministry and people which has channeled through the many spiritual endeavours he has held at the school. Pr Goss is an inspiring and admirable leader whose kind and generous attitude has been greatly appreciated by both staff and students. We all love Pr Goss!

Pr Joshua Goss dissected the themes of judgement and discouragement, challenging the students to provoke love and courtesy to all individuals despite the differences they may hold. Furthermore, he encouraged the students not to judge the book by the cover, and to respect all people despite the differences they may have. An essential principle in everyday life.   He challenged us to not get frustrated, but to be more aware of people and their circumstances.

Pr Goss offered personal life reflections on his preconceived judgmental attitude towards people which tied in with his overall message. I found myself relating to these experiences in the past, displaying similar judgmental actions in the most random circumstances. After these experiences I found myself pleading guilty to the ridicule and criticism in which I inflicted. The message conveyed through Pr Goss’s speech has reminded me that we should perceive others in a kind and considerate manner; striving to strengthen others instead of discouraging them”.  

“For me I usually get angry or frustrated at the small things that happen to me, but I’ve learnt that being patient is the key to showing your character”.

During the chapel service,  students were tremendously enthusiastic to observe the variety of activities taken place. Our service kicked off with an enticing game of ‘The Voice’ featuring four teachers (Mr Zyderveld, Mr Scully, Miss McEwan and Pr Goss). Three beloved students Jackson D (10M), Megantha K (12M) and Quan D (11Z) took part as the singing contestants. The game was fuelled with humour, excitement and encouragement as students laughed and cheered along with their fellow peers.

Jehiel P (90) and Byiringiro N (12M)