Students inspired by the words and music of Anna Weatherup

During this week’s Senior School Chapel, Australian ‘The Voice’ contestant Anna Weatherup performed songs related to our chapel theme of “Letting Love Thrive”.

An original song ‘If I Ain’t Got Your Love‘ was composed after Anna finished The Voice. The song talks about how she would prefer to be a musician because she enjoys it, rather than the fame.
It was good to hear that we should pursue what we enjoy rather than what will make us look good.

Climb‘ is another song which Anna has composed. She wrote it about one of her friends who although was in the darkest parts in their life would get up each day and climb hill near their house. So this song is talking about how we need to continue climbing despite how high the mountain or whatever other obstacles may be in our lives.

Anna told us how her love for God shapes the songs she writes without intentionally doing it. When I reflect on my own actions I can see that God has shaped my actions like He has Anna’s, and that He is continuing to do so.   Also, the best way to get through hard times is just continuing walking, or in the sense of the song, climbing.  I have also realised in my life so far, how much better I feel when I do something positive without others realising it. This sort secret helpfulness or kindness is what makes me happier and enjoy life more than when I’m doing it in front of others. Furthermore, I don’t necessarily enjoy being the one in the spotlight the whole time, as I do really enjoy quiet time and find that it is in this quiet time I gain stronger and more meaningful friendships with others and find out the most about myself.


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James B (11Z)