Realising the Value of Friendships

During weeks 1-5 this term, Year 3 girls have participated in friendship activities during lunch time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The group was supervised by Janelle Tolley, our School Counsellor and Lauren Menzies who is currently undertaking her counselling placement with Macquarie College, and supported by Miss Koren White, Assistant Principal – Junior School.

This is the second year that a small group activity for Year 3 girls has been run, in response to a growing need for management of the challenges with peer dynamics which may surface at this stage of the girls’ development.

Students from 3F and 3S opted were invited to engage in games, colouring and other activities, as well as sitting together on picnic blankets to enjoy their lunch together in small or large groups.

The final session featured a celebration lunch with yummy treats including some hot chips and sweet snacks. It was wonderful to see the girls relax, mixing and strengthening their bonds, laughing, and having fun together. 

At the conclusion of the program, some of the students shared their thoughts about their friends and being a friend.  Thanks to Allyson, Scarlett, Isabelle, Lily, Zoe, Reagan, Brightness, Jacinta, Bronte and Sophia for sharing their thoughts:

Why do we need friends?

‘So that we aren’t lonely and we have a good school day’, ‘They support you in rough times’, ‘To keep us company and so we have someone to play with’,  ‘To have fun and play together’, 

What can you do to be a good friend?

‘Say kind things’, ‘Be truthful, and help them when they get hurt’, ‘Be kind and friendly’, ‘Be loyal and innocent and to always be with your friend’, ‘To say hello and say what is your name’, ‘Help when they need’, ‘Be kind to them’, ‘Be kind, friendly and helpful to others’.

How does it feel when a friend is kind to you?

‘Really good!’, ‘It makes me feel happy’, ‘It feels like you’re loved and that there is always someone by your side’, ‘I feel good inside’, ‘It feels like you have someone behind you’.

What was the most important thing you learned?

‘That we need lots of friends to play with, not just one’, ‘That if they what to go and play with someone else they are still your friend’, ‘Be kind to others and if you see someone with no-one to play with go up to them and say ‘do you want to play with me?”, ‘That it’s good to be with people’, ‘To celebrate someone’s birthday and have fun’, ‘You need to be nice to your friends’, ‘If someone is new to the school, make friends with them and get to know them’, ‘To stick up for your friends’.

Click Here for some images taken during the celebration lunch at the end of the girls’ program.