Students Attend Special School’s Concert By The Sydney Symphony Orchestra

On Friday 24 May, students from the Junior School String Ensemble, Concert Band, Chapel Band and Senior Primary Choir attended a special School’s concert by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the City Hall in Newcastle. After the concert the students had a picnic in Civic Park followed by an afternoon of fun music activities in the Newcastle University campus on Hunter St. The activities included; performing with body percussion, score reading and making a trumpet from a hose, mouthpiece and funnel.

Everyone who attended the excursion had a great day and favourite highlights from students include:

  • The circus song that the orchestra played –Sophie, Year 3
  • Blowing into a hose – Lizzy, Year 3
  • Listening to fun music and guessing what the music was about – Gabby, Year 6
  • The concert was incredible – Riley, Year 5
  • Closing my eyes and listening to all of the instruments playing at once – Giselle Year, 5
  • Walking around the uni as though we were Uni students – Lizzy & Chelsea, Year 5
  • Seeing the huge double basses that were bigger than the men playing them – Swaye, Year 6
  • Being able to sing and dance with the orchestra, not just listen – Ocea, Year 6

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