2019 Junior School Leaders attend Halogen Young Leaders day

On Monday 11th March, the Junior School Student Leaders attended Halogen Young Leaders Day at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. They joined 4,000 student leaders from schools across New South Wales. Over 23,000 student leaders attend this event annually across Australia. After the early morning departure from the College, our leaders had a great day listening to speakers recognised for their contributions to The Arts, Community Service and Sport, including Tim Diamond from the Cotton On Foundation, and Tamsin Janu author of ‘Figgy and the World’.

Jed R (6C): I enjoyed my time at Halogen Young Leaders Day because we got to listen to some very inspirational speakers about what they had to say to us being young leaders. My favourite speaker was Holly Ferling because she told us not to worry about the life ahead of us and to keep looking forward in life. We also shared the same kind of interest… cricket.  Tamsin Janu, a talented Author, said that you have to accept feedback from others to be a great leader and like Tamsin she had to accept feedback from her editors so she could have great success. 

Ocea M (6C):  I enjoyed listening to all the speakers and learning their stories about how they became leaders in their industries. I was particularly inspired by Cate Campbell and her determination to never give up – despite injuries and setbacks – and always be the best person you can be. 

Tommy B (6B): The National Young Leaders day was an inspiring, amazing and positive experience to show us how to lead and guide others. I know in life if we put our mind to a task and never give up you will always succeed.  Mr Tim Diamond said his foundation made a difference and showed how you should put others before yourself, and the feeling of giving is a whole lot better than taking.

Amelia S (6B) : The 2019 Halogen Young Leaders Day was a great experience and taught me a lot about motivation and growth. The speakers told us that one small action can change the world and even if we have major setbacks we have to ask ourselves “How much do you want this?” to overcome them. The Halogen Leaders day made me feel motivated and inspired to help make a difference and that together we can make a real impact.  Holly Ferling told us that “it’s better to be a little fish in a big pond so you can learn and grow”.