Students Appointed as Junior School APEC Ambassadors

Term 3 studies concluded with a special APEC Summit hosted by all Year 5 students and their teachers.

The Geography study incorporated over 40 APEC countries that ambassadors were individually chosen to represent. Students spent the term investigating their nominated country in comparison to Australia and identifying lifestyle, economy, trade, culture and cuisine.  Ambassadors prepared speeches and presentations about their country and the specific leadership qualities needed for the unique circumstances of each country.  

The event enabled students to utilise the Hospitality facilities at Macquarie College and present the evening in the Open Learning Centre (OLC).  Over 150 guests were treated to a delicious three course meal with a selection of Asian cuisine, all prepared by the students under the guidance of parents and teachers.

Comments reflected that attendees “learnt much about the APEC community with the varied and diverse aspects of this part of the world”. They “loved listening to the student’s presentations and enjoyed their fresh and enthusiastic ideas for improving life for citizens around this region”. Parents affirmed “the brilliant choice of movie and the students for being trained in their specific responsibilities and doing such a great job”. 

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from the inaugural Year 5 APEC Summit event