Year 12 Chemistry Students Explore Chemical Production at Orica

During Term 3, Year 12 Chemistry students visited the Orica Plant at Kooragang Island, which houses an ammonia plant, three nitric acid plants and two ammonium nitrate plants. After learning about the processes involved in the production of ammonia and ammonium nitrates in class, it was a great opportunity to see the processes in action on an industrial scale.


Students donned safety gear and took a tour of the plants, although the machinery was so noisy you could barely hear the person next to you. We also visited the on-site laboratory used for environmental testing, and learnt about the distribution of various products to the mining, infrastructure, soft drink, agriculture and medical industries.


Overall, it was a great day that will hopefully help with any questions relating to ammonia production that may arise during the HSC.


Emma W (12C)