2018 Camp Week – Year 7 (Camp Toukley)

Our first activity was one of my favourites. We did Stand Up Paddle boarding. It was really new and exciting and also quite peaceful – apart from being pushed in! Our second activity was raft building which tested our teamwork. The mud was smelly and gross. We all had to shower and wash our shoes out after that!  Then we hit the bush for another team activity which was fun, even though I got lifted up and passed through a giant spiderweb!

Our second day saw us hitting the water again this time in canoes which was also really fun, because I could get into a rhythm easily but we had to avoid going in circles.  Beach Activities was next, where the girls took on the boys and won in every single activity! 

The third day was our busiest day as we did four activities. First was the flying fox then the giant swing where we had to work as a team to pull everyone up 18m and then letting them drop, making a lot of people scream a lot. Next was archery then quad bikes.

The fourth day saw a lot of tired campers start their day at the beach, some too tired even to learn how to surf!   For those who did try, it was great to learn how to catch a wave, while others got to swim around or play in the dunes.  Some people tried the ‘Leap of Faith’, jumping from the top of a pole … it wasn’t for everyone!

I had an awesome camp this year and I can’t wait till next year.

There were so many activities which revealed how many boys were not very good at working together.  Having a debrief at the end of each day helped us all.  It was great spending time with our teachers, and getting to know them better, they seemed more relaxed at camp! 

Mikkel and Georgia