A servant of education guiding our Foundation’s future

Macquarie College Foundation

Macquarie College FoundationThis excerpt from the 2015 Cooinda Dedication to Mrs Margaret Watters, is just a snapshot of the contribution Margaret makes week in and week out at Macquarie College and beyond.  

“Following her retirement, Margaret Watters picked up the baton again and brought her experience to bear within the Adventist School System and Macquarie College in particular. She served as Head of Junior School, Acting Head of Senior School, Acting Bursar, Chair of the Macquarie College Foundation and Chair of the College Council, and an Education Director of SDA Schools (SNSW)”. 

We are grateful to Margaret and Warren Watters for their continued service to the MC community.  Currently, Margaret retains a position as a Director of the Macquarie College Foundation and is overseeing the resurgence of the Foundation’s profile, activity and investment back into the school and local community.

Margaret has always been been associated with the Foundation, beginning in the 1990’s when it was originally called the Hunter Adventist Education Foundation. Now, almost 30 years later she plays an active role in its strategic direction, and guides the work of the Foundation which is finding its voice once again with, and for, the families and students at Macquarie College.  Margaret recently shared with us her reasons for continuing to play an active role in College matters, saying “I have always had a strong belief that the Foundation was playing a vital part in the support of the College, and I wished to have an active role in it.   Although I didn’t attend the College myself, my two sons did (one is now on the Staff), and now my two granddaughters are enrolled there.”  There is a proud tradition at Macquarie College, of children following in the footsteps of their parents who attended the school.  This is building a wonderful heritage that spans many decades. 

“Macquarie College has always been a special place to me. As well as supporting the Foundation, I was fortunate enough to hold leadership positions for many years.  Although I am ‘retired’ now, I still volunteer in the classrooms.  I really enjoy working with the members of staff and meeting each wave of new students coming into the community.”  Margaret shows how service to others can take many different forms, and occur over many seasons of life.  This latest season in the life of the Foundation has ignited a spark in many, as major building and fundraising projects and community engagement initiatives are being launched.
The Foundation Directors have a new focus and purpose, launching a Foundation Membership Drive, a Macquarie College Alumni Program, and providing most significantly leading the Stage 3 Sport & Recreation Centre Fundraising Campaign. “The Sport and Recreation Centre was always part of the major plan for the College and it has been wonderful to see the planned facility finally become a reality. So much more of the Physical Education program can be catered for right here on the College campus, unaffected by weather.  The state of the art facilities provide excellent opportunities for every child in the school from Pre-School to Year 12. With the completion of Stage 3 ahead of us, there is a great opportunity to increase staff, student and family use of the facility, and to cater for community-based programs too”.