eSmart Event Postponed: Digital Footprints

Wednesday 21st March:

Regrettably we must postpone tonight’s event.  Jonny Shannon will not deliver his presentation to parents at the College tonight.  A new date for the parent presentation is currently being negotiated and information about the re-scheduled event will be made available as soon as possible.

Macquarie College welcomes eSmart Accredited Presenter, Mr Jonny Shannon, to speak with parents about cyber safety and the phenomenon of digital footprints.  This event will be hosted at the Campus Church starting at 7pm on Wednesday 21st March. 

Jonny speaks candidly about the opportunities – and the potential risks – involved in online communities.  He will share insights into digital footprints, techniques for being safe and smart online, and will describe the regulatory frameworks in Australia which are available to protect children and young people online.

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Supper will be served after Jonny’s presentation.

Every user of the web who participates in online communities is leaving a digital footprint that can remain for many years. 

Macquarie College Support CoordinatorMrs Natalie Neuschulz, Support Department Coordinator, and eSmart Committee Member, encourages parents to update their knowledge, to keep up with this constantly changing environment, “Continually updating our understanding of the web and social networking, is key to ensuring we are equipped to model safe online behaviours, and respond appropriately to unforeseen issues if they arise”. 

“Our students are learning about creating a safe and supportive environment.  This applies to the school yard, their home and especially when they are online.  We are committed to ensuring that students understand how to behave, how to make informed choices about their online activities, and what to do if they need help.” 

While the National Day of Action Against Bullying is on Friday 16th March, programs about cyber safety and anti-bullying are delivered continuously in the College through Junior School and Senior School.  “There are numerous implications for students engaging in online communities.  It is our responsibility to educate students that posts with photos and comments today, may well be viewed by prospective employers.  We aim to support parents with information that can guide their child’s online decisions, mitigating consequence now and in the future.”

You are invited to join us at this FREE community event, and you are encouraged to bring a guest to hear Jonny’s presentation.  This is the perfect opportunity to begin (or continue) conversations in your home which protect and preserve your child’s online safety and legacy.