What’s the G.O.S.S. with Mr Will Bennett

This week we caught up with Mr Will Bennett, for the third installment in our series of MC Sport Staff Q&A sessions.  We’ll hear about recent experiences and future goals for delivering sport and recreation programs for students in 2018, and beyond.

How does it feel to finally get into this new facility?
Sport and Recreation Centre Macquarie College
Having relocated to our offices to the new Centre has already allowed us to be more efficient in getting the job done. There is better team cohesion because of the proximity we have to our facilities and to each other as a team, therefore we have already seen better quality lessons. We have also seen more of Mr Mac from the Junior School which brings the Senior and Junior school together and has added to the Sports Department functioning more effectively as a whole school team.

What have you enjoyed most in these first few weeks?
How well the students have embraced the centre and how excited the students are. At lunchtimes alone, we are having 60-70 kids playing sport in the centre. Particularly badminton as it’s a very inclusive sport. We have also seen an increase of girls playing sport. This has prompted us to establish a ‘Girls Only Sports Session’ (which we have nicknamed G.O.S.S.!) every Tuesday at lunchtime, because there have been so many more girls wanting to play sport during their break.

What do you think the completed Centre will mean for students coming through MC over the next 10-15 years?
It means we can host more inter-school events such as HRIS, because schools are now more willing to compete here at MC, because we are no longer limited by the original facilities such as the asphalt basketball courts. This new, high quality facility is generating a lot of interest.

What types of events would you like to see MC host in the Centre?
More inter-school events and social volleyball.

Who would you like to see showcased in a ‘Hall of Fame’ when the foyer is completed?
Any significant sporting achievement.