MC Sport blazing a new path for College sport and recreation

Macquarie College Sport & Recreation Centre

On 31st January, Macquarie College Principal Dr Bruce Youlden, welcomed Staff and Students to the new Sport & Recreation Centre.  Over 2,100 scheduled classes will be delivered in the facility this year alone, with this number set to increase when Stage 3 construction is completed in the near future. 

This week we caught up with the Head of Department, Mr David Martin, the first in a series of MC Sport Staff Q&A sessions.  We’ll hear about recent experiences and future goals for delivering sport and recreation programs for students in 2018, and beyond.

Macquarie College Sport & Recreation CentreHow does it feel to finally get into this new facility?
Since arriving in 1997 I’ve been looking forward to this Centre being built, and it’s finally here.  In this time my son Jarrod attended Kindy, finished Year 12, been married and completed two degrees at Uni.  While many former staff and students have missed out on this state of the art facility, I am certain that our current students will understand how privileged they are to access these facilities which are truly the best of the best. We currently have the best backboards, the best floor, and best facilities by far of any other school in the Hunter Valley.

What have you enjoyed most in these first few weeks?
Seeing kids that aren’t usually very sporty having new opportunities to play sport and get active.  Traditionally, you would see many of the same kids playing basketball or soccer at lunch, but with all of the excitement generated by this new building we are see so many more kids coming to the Centre at lunchtime for a look and a game! As a result, we are offering more activities such as badminton, which is an easier sport for most kids to participate in without any experience. Indoor facilities mean we can complete all scheduled classes regardless of the weather and students ultimately have more physical activity, which in turn generates momentum and learning continuity for all students participating.

What do you think the completed Centre will mean for students coming through MC over the next 10-15 years?
Less injuries and less sunburn! More students have already shown a willingness to participate in the Centre compared with the centrally located oval. It also means we can host bigger inter-school events.

What types of events would you like to see MC host in the Centre?
HRIS Volleyball, after-hours interschool competitions, MC family sports night (for past and present students, teachers and families).  I would like to see our extended MC family enjoy the facilities ourselves because it’s been a long time coming, and it gives us a chance to iron out any teething issues before opening it to the public.

Who would you like to see showcased in a ‘Hall of Fame’ when the foyer is completed?
We have such an array of talent at MC in past and present students that I would like to see all of our highest sport achievers recognised.  I would like to see Honour Boards in the foyer displaying our sporting history, including Age and House champions, and we cannot wait for the sport trophy cabinet to be relocated here also.