Students Sharing Love and Support for Valentine’s Day

This week the Year 7 Biblical Studies students were busy learning about how we should treat others, following the Golden Rule as expressed by Jesus Christ.  So, with Valentine’s Day approaching, each students across all three classes wrapped cookies as gifts and created a special card for a stranger. 

On the 13th February, a few student representatives from each of the classes boarded the school bus with Mr Goss and Mrs Roennfeldt and traveled to the Woodlands Retirement Village, where many of the elderly residents were gathered waiting for our arrival. 

Two students from 7L, Eadie L and Charlie D, dressed up and performed a dance to the music “Sit Still, Look Pretty,” while Georgia M (7L) played a guitar instrumental piece called “Black Bird”. 

You could feel the love in the room as so many of the folk smilingly said that they identified with the music as it made them feel young again.  We left all of the wrapped cookies and plenty of memories.  We were very proud of how the students acted and how they openly talked with each of the elderly.  Click Here to see some more images of their experience.