Year 3 Enjoy a Visit from the Nutty Professor

On Monday 19 November Professor Brad came to talk to Year 3 about power and I would like to share with you what the Professor told with us.

We learnt that power became important when people became fascinated with the way it worked and how power works machines.

We also learnt when you have an electric current travelling around in a circular fashion it is called a circuit.

Professor Brad brought in a tube with wires in it that carried an electric current. He got Riley, Besu, Lily and Isabella to hold hands in a circle, and someone to hold the tube. He pressed something and the tube made a zapping sort of noise, and the group of people standing there felt the electric current through their bodies. He got almost the whole Year 3 (3B and 3F) to hold hands and feel the electric current.

If you aren’t in a circle of God, you can’t feel the electric current (or power of God) so it’s called a circuit for a reason.

As always, we really enjoyed Professor Brad’s presentation and we loved learning about power.

Lila C (3F)