Lucy’s Lesson for The Drowsy Driver Wins Competition

As part of the annual Year 10 PDHPE program, students attend a road trauma forum in Sydney called bStreetsmart. This forum is sponsored by major organisations such as Westmead Hospital, Careflight, and Ambulance NSW to name a few. Collectively, they are trying to reduce road casualties on NSW roads by educating young people about the consequences of their behaviour and decisions. On the day, we watched a dramatised road crash which involved a driver under the influence of alcohol, an unrestrained passenger, and an innocent motorcyclist. The impact of this scenario was especially relevant to our students as nearly everyone of them has some connection with a road trauma.   This is our 6th year attending this forum and it has been outstanding and meaningful for every student who attended.  

As part of the 2017 event, Macquarie College students entered into the bFilmed Competition, submitting a film that they have created highlighting road safety. The NSW winner of this year’s bFilmed competition was Lucy G (10N) for her entry “The Drowsy Driver”.  Click Here to watch Lucy’s fantastic video.

Below are some student comments from the bStreetsmart forum.

“The BStreet smart presentation was a good experience, it made me aware of all the risks when driving and getting in the car with others. It is extremely easy for someone to get distracted and you life can change extremely quickly. It was also good to see people that had been through car crashes and have got life long injuries as much as it was sad it was a good way to really understand what it is like for it to happen and makes you 100% more aware of what could happen to you and how it would impact your daily life. I think the BStreet smart is a good program that should continue to run for those who are learning to drive in the years to come, not to scare them from driving but for them to have a clear understanding of the risks.” Claudia G

“It was a massive eye opener, and showed how lives can be changed dramatically by a simple mistake. I’m glad to have experienced the event, it made me think of the impact I could make by driving safely on the road.” Kirita E

“Wednesday was a great experience although very confronting. The emotional stories made me want to cry but also made me aware of the risk of either getting in a car with someone, drink driving or being in a accident due to fatigue or alcohol etc. Every child needs to see that performance before getting their license because it surrounds the Childs thoughts with awareness. Very useful. My friends enjoyed it too….” Claudia P

I found the driver ed very confronting. It made me realise how big of a responsibility driving really is and that it isn’t all just fun and games. Whist driving, you have the lives of people in your vehicle andd those around you in your hands and your irresponsible actions can impact someone life forever. Driving is a srious matter.  Radhika T

The day presentation was really good in helping me to rethink the little things about car safety that are usually forgotten, like putting your feet on the dashboard and taking your seatbelt off for a second when you are in the back of the car. I found the speakers very powerful and probably the best part of the day.  Holly B

Going to the Driving Ed caused me to understand the significance driving a whole lot more. I also learnt a heaps more about how 1 simple little action can cause a ripple effect of negative impacts on the people around you.  Channae O

Seeing the consequences in person makes me realize how serious it is really good how real life and confronting it was to show up in person how dangerous driving can be if done wrong. Jasmine A

The presentation gave me a further understanding of how car crashes affect people and all the different outcomes. I also was able to gain knowledge about driving the car and how small things like music and chatter can turn into big distractions affecting the way we drive. But most importantly I learnt that I shouldn’t be scared of driving, just cautious and aware of the positive and negative impacts I can have behind the wheel. Ella J

Yeah I thought the day had a pretty big impact on me and the decisions ill make in the future, because I now know the consequences of things you do on and off the road. Ethan B

It did exactly as intended and gave realization to be more safe. Luke G

The event really opened my eyes on how to be careful and to be responsible in a car when driving or even if I’m a passenger. The event showed us braking distance, and how long it takes for the car to come to a complete stop made me realise that when I drive I need to be aware of my surroundings on the road. Daniel P

bStreetSmart was very educational to me, it informed me on what services are used in different scenarios and how common accidents can be if the necessary precautions are not taken. bStreetSmart also helped me understand what dangers using your phone can illicit while driving. The presentation also helped me understand how speed affects your vehicle, it educated us on how long/far it takes to brake and that 40 is the ‘default’ speed for roads if it is not posted. Wesley T

Overall, the bStreetsmart Program was a great experience! I really enjoyed the braking distance demonstration and interactive displays. The car crash scenario was quite eye opening on the importance of safe road practices. Lucy G

The day was an eye opener to the realities of road safety. I am much more aware of how quickly things can go wrong. I know I will drive safely when I get my license. Lucas T

The braking demonstration was an eye opener showing the effect speeding and how going a bit over the speed limit can be the difference between someone’s life living and dying. The scene really opened my eyes at just how dangerous driving can be and how wearing your seatbelt is vital. Matthew A

I liked the braking demonstration because it helped me visualise myself in the car braking and to give myself more time to brake when driving. I liked the speakers because they showed that accidents like that can actually happen to anyone who’s not carful driving. It was much better than MacBeth because I actually understood it. Sione D