Year 2 Retrace the Steps of Newcastle’s Maritime History

By Jackson C (2W)

On Tuesday, May 2nd  Year 2 went on an excursion to the Newcastle Maritime Museum. We went because we are learning about our harbour.  We met a man named Frank, he showed us around the Museum. Then we watched a video of what Newcastle might look like in one hundred years. I learnt quite a lot. I learnt what cargo is and I also learnt a lot of boat names like a paddle-steamer and butcher boat. I also learnt that the people who worked on the butcher boats were called stevedores, this name comes from the Spanish word estibar. After the museum tour we went on a long walk. We had to look at what rubbish was in the harbour, Sam H and I spotted 258 cigarette butts! We also had to count the transport we could see on the harbour. Next we arrived at Nobbys Beach and did a sketch of the view. I was glad it was over when we got to the bus because I was tired. It was a fun and tiring day.

By Samuel D (2W)

Last week Year 2 went to Newcastle Harbour to learn all about our amazing harbour.  First we went to the Maritime Museum. We saw boats on the ceiling and on the ground, some were models. After that we walked to Nobby’s Beach. Along the way we spotted lots of boats and some rubbish. We even saw a shoe. Then we arrived at Nobbys Beach. We sketched a picture of a natural, built or managed area.  In the end we walked back to the bus. I felt happy and tired at the same time.