2017 Camp Week – Year 10 (Amazing Race Sydney)

On Wednesday 5th April, the Year 10 cohort headed out from the College to Sydney.   With the incentive of free movie passes and overall bragging rights, the 2017 Year 10 Amazing Race was one of the most highly anticipated and intensely contested events of its kind.

The first challenge involved students travelling from Circular Quay to the Spiral Water feature in Darling Harbour using two modes of public transport, among the hustle and bustle of weekday commuters and tourists.  

Many other challenges undertaken by teams included singing Advance Australia Fair in front of the Sydney Opera House, catching ferries to Manly and recording these challenges through photographs, buying food items, sending emails and filming videos.

Each of the seven teams were allocated a specific sum of money to be spent on challenges throughout the Race, and a separate sum of money was to be used for ‘topping up’ Opal cards. Within each group roles were designated including the leader, navigator, wellbeing overseer, photographer, timekeeper and, importantly, accountant.

In summary, the Year 10 Amazing Race was an excellent experience filled with new challenges, sights, sounds, smells and tastes.  Working together in teams, in unfamiliar territory for many, gave us an opportunity to improve our communication, work to each team member’s strengths, and build on our friendships.

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Mrs Debbie McCord
Year 10 Camp Coordinator