2017 Camp Week – Year 8 (Blue Mountains)

The Year 8 cohort departed for a four-day Camp full of fun and adventure in the Blue Mountains.  This year we had the challenge of inclement weather and on arrival to the camp site in Glenbrook, the skies opened and we got saturated as we were unpacking.  Once the rain cleared students spent the afternoon setting up their tents and campsites.  We then made our way to the Jellybean Pool for an afternoon swim.

On the second day we filled our day packs and headed to Wentworth Falls to complete the five hour Valley of the Waters walking trail.  Whilst the hike was extremely challenging the students were all in good spirits and many jumped in the water at the base of the falls even though the temperature was freezing.

The next activity on the camp was an Amazing Race style event, around the township of Katoomba where students were given a list of challenges and a budget for the day.  The day promoted themes of teamwork, leadership and problem solving and featured ‘competition points’ for teams picking up rubbish around town as part of contributing to community service.

Each evening after the students cooked their own meal, Mrs Chaumont organised games and activities.  On the final night everyone enjoyed a massive Easter Egg Hunt around camp.  Another highlight was sitting around the campfires in the respective camps and chatting with each other and reflecting on everyone’s daily experiences.

It was a very successful camp despite the early challenges posed by the weather.  Students enjoyed being out in the bush and as the weather cleared, it lifted everyone’s spirits and allowed us to return home dry.

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Mrs Tenielle Lowrey
Year 8 Coordinator