Junior School Bush Dance Extravaganza 2017

On Tuesday 28th March, the Junior School Bush Dance was held under the COLA.   This event brings together the whole of Junior School once every three years, and we were thrilled to welcome so many families to the College for this social, community event.

The country fever was in full swing as each year level performed to a large audience of parents, grandparents, friends and special visitors.

After each dance, students proceeded to call upon another person to share a second dance. The evening featured the Hokey Pokey, Pony Dance, Chicken Dance, Drongo, Barn Dance, Heel Toe Polka, and concluded with the very popular Nut Bush.

There was an overwhelming amount of food with the choices of dinner packs, fairy floss, ice-cream, snow cones, haystacks (the type you eat; not the ones you sit on) and all sorts of drinks.

Peter Dixon and his band were the entertainers for the night and everyone had a jolly good Aussie time. Special mention to thank our amazing PTA Committee for putting together this wonderful evening.

A selection of pictures from the night are available on the College Facebook photo gallery,  CLICK HERE.