Indonesian Service Trip by MC Alumni Shell-sea Ellem (2016)

Macquarie College Alumni, Shell-sea Ellem (2016) recently shared technology resources with Indonesian students, creating new learning opportunities and cross-cultural relationships.

A two year journey of personal exploration and service to others extended beyond completion of the HSC at Macquarie College in 2016.  Shell-sea met with participants in an Asian Aid humanitarian project in March 2017, to donate technology resources on behalf of the Macquarie College community.

The inspiration for Shell-sea’s journey was sparked after attending a school presentation about the partnership between Asian Aid and the H.E.L.P. Foundation (Health, Education, Lifestyle Program) which positively influences the lives of young Indonesian Muslims. The Foundation provides direct support in learning English and business skills, and teaches students methods for making informed choices about their health and wellbeing.  The donation of laptop computers by Macquarie College will contribute to the improvement of the students’ learning environment.  

Shell-sea learned that the H.E.L.P Foundation was also partnering with Macquarie College to raise awareness about the wellbeing of young people in Indonesia via the College’s own INVICTUS Wellbeing Program.   The INVICTUS Wellbeing Program was developed by Mr Joshua Brown, Coordinator of English and History at Macquarie College.  The Program requires students to complete life-skills modules (Journey, Network, Master and Serve) which guide teenagers in their social, emotional, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development and wellbeing.

Accessibility to this technology is necessary for effective upskilling of students in an effort to be work-ready in future years, maximising future opportunities for personal and community success.   Students from the Year 9 Invictus Program in 2016 also helped Shell-sea to achieve her mission by fundraising and supporting the procurement of the donated laptops. 

The synergy between the two programs was obvious to Shell-sea who experienced her first trip to Indonesia, and made the most of this adventure by working as a volunteer English teacher.