Year 1 Immersed in Science Discoveries

On Wednesday, Year 1 had a blast with our friend David from the Newcastle Museum. We learnt about the science of sound. We discovered that we need vibrations to make sound and that sounds travel through the air as vibrations into our eardrums and then to our brains.  We participated in exciting experiments. Like scientists, we made predictions and then completed the experiments to see what would happen.

To finish we made a band with mini percussion instruments, demonstrating the sounds of various animals.

Carter, 1E: “George tapped bottles of water. The big bottles made the most vibrations.”

Ava, 1E: “I liked the laser beam. When he did a deep voice, there was a big circle. And when David did a low voice, the circle went smaller.

Abbey, 1W: “David showed us about vibration. Vibration is when something moves and causes another thing to move.”

Our next science incursion was with our very own Mr Woolley from Senior School.

We had an exciting and different start to our week on Monday. We got to visit a science room in Senior School. Mr Woolley’s science lab was amazing. He talked to us about Sound and Light. We learnt that Sound can travel through a solid, even train tracks. We learnt that at midday, the light is more white.

Simi, 1M: “I loved seeing bunsen burners in the room. There was even a shower and some gas taps.”

Lachlan, 1M: “I learnt that the faster a tuning fork vibrates, the higher pitched the sound is.”