Macquarie College Wins ‘Kids’ Lit Quiz’ Regional Heat

Kids’ Lit Quiz is an international literacy competition for students aged 10-13.  Events are held in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of Australia.  It is a quiz that celebrates readers and the vast amount of information they absorb as they improve their own literacy.

This year, for the first time, a Newcastle Region heat was held, and Macquarie College hosted this event.  Students from schools around our region participated in a lively competition, demonstrating their knowledge of books and literature. 

Macquarie College were very competently represented by three teams in the competition, and one of our teams won the event.  Congratulations to Jessica, Mikkel, Mia and Sienna. 

Unfortunately, our students cannot progress to the next level as the Australian Final is being held on a Saturday, a day that we hold sacred as our Sabbath.  However, whilst no change can be made for this year, the organisers are looking to change the timing of the Australian Final in future years so students from Adventist Schools are not at a disadvantage.

Our students have forged a trail for others to follow in the future.

Congratulations to the members of all three of our teams, and particularly our winning team.  Not only did they demonstrate their great knowledge, they were also marvellous ambassadors for our College. We are extremely proud of them.

The final standings from the Heat were:

1st: Macquarie College, Team 3
2nd: New Lambton Public School, Team 1
3rd: Lakes Grammar


Macquarie College
Winners of Newcastle Regional Heat
Kids’ Lit Quiz 2017
Jessica (8R), Sienna (5H), Mikkel (6L) and Mia (5DS)

Mia (7H), Georgie (7H), Rebekah (5DS) and Abby (5H)

Nicholas (7O), Rachinee (5H), Aisling (5DS) and Abigail (7O)