5/10ths Mentoring Program Resumes for 2017

Macy L (5DS): On Friday 3rd March, it was the start of the 5/10ths program for 2017 and I had been waiting all week for this amazing opportunity. First, we played balloon stomp with Mr. Smyth. We had to blow up a balloon, tie a piece of elastic to the end of it and then onto one of our ankles. Then all the Year 5 students in my group had to try and stomp on everyone else’s balloons. It was extremely loud. Once we had a go and all our balloons were popped, it was Year 10’s turn.  We then played with water balloons but not the way you normally play with them. Everyone found a partner in the opposite grade and carefully grabbed a water balloon. We stood a reasonable distance apart and threw the delicate object to each other. I didn’t drop it on purpose but I secretly wanted to get wet! The next challenge was to make a catapult to fling a lolly as far as we could with only one finger. We had a few items including: three rubber bands, ten paddle pop sticks, a spoon and our lolly of course. The next activity involved us using ten pieces of paper and not too much sticky tape to protect an egg from cracking once being thrown into the air. My groups egg smelt gross and there was yolk everywhere so we could tell that we were unsuccessful but that was ok because we had fun doing it. Lastly, we had to try and make a tarp shelter for our Year 10 friends. Then we had to throw some water balloons and a bucket of water at them. In conclusion, it was an awesome afternoon and I can’t wait until we do it again next Term!

Chloe P (10N): 
The 5/10s activities were such a good experience, definitely something I would have loved when I was younger! I made some really close bonds with some really amazing Year 5s.

Emma T (10R): Year 5 and Year 10 students joined together for a special program designed to link both grades by making connections through different activities. Teachers designed brilliant activities which required team work. For example, we had to construct a catapult that was made from 10 paddle pop sticks, rubber bands, string, a plastic spoon and a starburst lolly and make it go as far as possible. My team of four (Areej, Mia, Selina and I) was very successful in creating a shock absorber for an egg drop. Year 10 students were happy to mentor the younger students and it will be great to participate in new activities throughout this year

Isabella D (10N) : On Friday the 3rd, I gave up my lunch time, along with the rest of year ten, to participate in some activities with the year fives’. It was a very wet but enjoyable afternoon, I made some new younger friends, made some new exciting memories and had lots of fun with my friends. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by most and it was a great day to gain some new friendships with the year five’s that hopefully will last, and will make the year five’s more comfortable when they come to high school.