Senior School Leadership Build Team Culture Through City Scramble

On Friday 17th February, we had the most amazing experience! Despite the rain, hail, thunder and lightning, the 2017 Senior School Leadership team braved the elements to participate in a City Scramble in Newcastle. Teams were challenged to race around Newcastle, from Horseshoe Beach to Empire Park, taking photos, competing in challenges and collecting items. The day entailed taking a photo with a random high-vis clothed worker, to begging a lady at the bank for a foreign coin, to taking temporary shelter from the sideways rain behind a bush and convincing Mr Martin to give us a little lift in the bus (after all, the rules never mentioned no vehicular transport!).  

The day was nothing like I expected! Working as a team to complete the challenges was great fun! Starting with a bubble-gum blowing competition and ending with a delicious candle-lit dinner back at school, being served by the teachers, the day was nothing short of fantastic! A huge thanks to all the teachers who gave up their time to make Friday such a special day for us.  

Emma Wellham, Year 11 Prefect