Sculptures by the Sea Inspires Year 6 Students

My favourite sculpture was the adaptation by Niharika Hukku.  I like it because of the colours used, the vibrant blues and aqua with the white made the sculpture look magnificent.  The materials used were porcelain, steel and phosphorescent paint.  I also like the sculpture because of its meaning, representing how the reefs and oceans have had to adapt to survive.  Also, how a lot of the corals have been alienated because of our lack of care and pure laziness.  We really need to pick up our ac t or soon all our corals and reefs will no longer be beautiful.  They’ll be dead.  I think I could one day make an ephemeral art sculpture but it would be very challenging and need a lot of determination and perseverance. Aliyah (Year 6S)

My favourite sculpture was the Three Vessels – Amphora, Pug and Torpedo.  It represents how humans have made containers for many years, and asking us to think about what they are for and why do they make them?  I like this sculpture because of the mixture of colours placed onto the vessel, also because of the shape and how none of the three vessels were the same.  The materials used were clay, paint, steel and cement.  I think that from making ephemeral art I could make one of those art works one day but it would take a lot of practice and patience.  Karla (Year 6L)