Macquarie College Announces Additional Year 5 Class for 2017

Earlier this year, the College Council and Administration Committee examined the possibility of introducing a third Year 5 class for 2017. 

We had many children on the waiting list and decided to promote this opportunity widely during September and October.  It gives me great pleasure to confirm that a third Year 5 class will be introduced in 2017.  As a result of a substantial waiting list and enquiries received from new families over the past month, we can welcome more children to begin their Stage 3 education at Macquarie College. 

Year 5-6 students are facing a number of important changes in their young lives, as they realise academic ability and opportunities, experience changing social dynamics and physical development.  Our staff are experienced educators and guide students during this important period in their lives.  We take great responsibility in nurturing their sense of belonging and achievement, as we lay the foundations for a smooth transition into Senior School in just a few short years.

Thank you to those who continue to recommend Macquarie College to your friends and family and we ask you to remember the Referral Program, that offers both the referring and enrolling families a discount off Tuition Fees for 2017.   We appreciate your commitment to the school, which helps us grow a community of families seeking a Christian values-based education for their children.

Announcements regarding our staffing structure for 2017 and beyond will be made in the coming months.