Year 5 Learn Valuable Sales and Marketing Skills during E-Day 2017

The annual Year 5 E-Day was an outstanding success for all of the students and staff who got involved.  

This annual event helps the students to learn about basic commerce, marketing and customer relationships as they each host a stall and attempt to generate the most income from a day’s sales.

“On Thursday 20th October, Year 5 hosted E-Day. Everyone’s stalls were amazing and everything went really well. We all were very excited on the day. In the morning we had all our products ready to sell, and we had our final update from Mr Franklin and Mrs Culjak about how the day would run.

Tables were set up for our stalls all around the COLA, and our names were pulled out of a container so we got to choose our location. Soon we were all setting up our products ready for sale. It took quite a long time, but we finally had everything done and we were ready for our first customers – we were all really excited now! 

We walked around the COLA looking at all the colourful stalls, which were so amazing and decorated wonderfully.  Finally, we heard the noise we were waiting for, the bell for recess. Crowds of kids came running from all directions and we soon had lines of customers waiting to be served using their ‘E-Dollars’ – it was so awesome and we enjoyed the buzz of selling.

After recess ended, we went back to our classes and tallied up our E-Dollars and put the numbers into a sales chart. Then we put all our E-Dollars into a zip-lock bag for safekeeping.  We then ate lunch and prepared our stalls for a second run of customers during lunch.  The lunch bell rang and we were selling our products again to the Seniors, this time our Year 10 Buddies got ‘E-Dollars’ to buy from us.

A lot of the stalls did really well and everyone was happy.  When all the Seniors went back to class, we started trading our goods between us.  Most stall-holders ran out of stock, but those who had stock left traded with others.  

Then it was time for everyone to pack up, returning equipment and cleaning up any rubbish.  We then did a final tally of our sales from the second session and created graphs to analyse our sales.  

Everyone’s stall was so original and creative. E-Day was a big success and we all enjoyed it.

Georgia (Year 5Q) and Imogen (Year 5F).