Student Voices Join the Conversation on Global Justice Issues

Shell-sea (12C) a member of the chapel leadership team for 2016 had an idea early in the year to run a social justice project. Joining together with Damon (11M), Letitia (12C), Abby (11M) – and with the help of many others – they created a new school initiative called the ‘Social Delusion Project’.

We welcomed visitors to the College from a number of different organisations which are involved in very important work in this social justice and support area. A special thanks to ADRA, The A21 Project, World Vision and Destiny Rescue.

The students loved learning about each organisation, and moving between the different stalls to explore the projects taking place all over the world.  We heard from our guest speaker Jo Darby who urged us to combine our voices at school level about social justice issues, with many other world conversations on these same issues because influencing change is possible. Bringing heaven to earth.

We also partnered with the Year 12 StormCo team to sell food and drinks to raise funds to be used later this year in Olwi Village, Vanuatu. We served hot drinks and some delicious Naan breads made by Tracey and Shell-sea, which added to the overall success of the day and raised much needed funds for the organisations part of this day.
“I can see the Social Delusion Project becoming a regular thing. It brought the school together and I love that we’re pushing for more kids to become aware of social justice issues. Such a great vibe and way to do it.” Abby  M (Year 11M)